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deviation in storage by Hellobaby
deviation in storage by Hellobaby
deviation in storage by Hellobaby
deviation in storage by Hellobaby


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What I really like about your artwork is how effectively you have used the elements and principles to draw the attention of the viewer ...

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What caught my attention for this artwork was how the hands seem to be bold and pop out of the page. In this artwork I see hands reachi...

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In this artwork I see two boys on opposite ends, similar to the king of cards in a card deck; with a single key that separates both sid...

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In this painting I see a deep cavern setting, with a pile of treasures with a knight-like warrior, possibly stealing the loot. While a ...

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- Plenty of side missions to complete
- Secret Training
- Worth playing it a second time
- 14 playable characters to choose from
- challenging enemies/missions


- Manually training your character becomes boring
- First playthrough seems like a chore
- Town areas are small with nothing much to do
- Nothing much to explore on the world map
- Time management

Final Fantasy Type0 is an ideal portable game to take with you wherever you go, the story revolves around missions that help progress the overall plot with twists and unexpected events that come your way. The basic plot of FFtype0 is that there are four nations in the world of Orience; one of the Nations (Milites Empire) is lead by Cid who starts a war against the other three nations, and obtaining their crystals. Which brings you to Class 0 from the Suzaku nation; a group of 14 students with the task of stopping Cid.

In FFtype0 there is no main character that you follow throughout the whole game, sure there is Rem and Machina who are the "main characters"; but overall you follow the class as a whole. This may seem odd at first as some events may take place between two class members and your current character being absent from the scene despite you using the character. These events ensure that you don't just focus on your favourite characters and ignore the rest, and to get to know the character's personality etc. (Note that some events can be only be triggered if you use a certain character. eg. using Rem to talk to Machina to trigger an event)

Training fourteen characters may seem overwhelming, but to be honest I never used all of the characters; I have only used eight from the fourteen playable characters. Some characters are hard to use since they are either really slow or a supporting character that will often get shot down before dealing any damage to enemies. I recommend having at least six characters as your main fighting force as you will need them on missions. For your missions you can choose any character you want, as it won't have an effect on the story, but if your main fighting force dies you will find yourself scrolling through the list of your reserve characters (the rest of the class)...until you have no characters left and it's game over. Thankfully there is an easier way of leveling up your characters and yes even the hard-to-train ones as well. Manually training your characters can be very boring and frustrating, BUT thankfully FFtype0 has a system called Secret Training, and it's really a big help in leveling up; because it allows your characters to train and level up while your PSP is on sleep. You just select YES to Secret Training and put your PSP to sleep, allowing your characters to train without you doing a thing.

The reason why I said that the first playthrough is a chore, is because you will find yourself training 90% of the time between missions (because you are not strong enough for the next part) which disrupts the flow of the story....and manually training your characters is very boring. So I recommend Secret Training, (just make sure you have something else to do while your PSP is on Sleep).

FFtype0 being a large PSP game on 2 discs, limits on the amount of places to explore. The world map is large but it is very empty and you will rely on your chocobo/airship (or even your own airship that can fly anywhere...if you can obtain it that is...I haven't) to get to places quicker. The towns are no different, either one area or a few, with some people....but side from small shops and side missions there's nothing much to do in the towns.  Not to mention you can only access to different regions as the story progresses, so early in the game will feel limited.
However there are a lot of side missions that are enjoyable, I liked the mission where I had to defeat all these behemoths in a cave, it was a very exciting and hard mission to do.

There is one main thing you have to be careful of in FFtype0: Time
You will be given a set amount of time before your next mission that progresses the story. And things that take time are Events, Missions, Requests or simply going out into the world map (which is why I just train inside since training inside does not take up any time).
Time management can be annoying at first, as you need to know how many hours does an action take, and whether it's worth doing an event in the first playthrough.

I say that FFtype0 is worth a second playthrough because, you won't spend much time in training your characters as you did during the first playthough and you will be able to do missions that you couldn't do before, therefore you'll enjoy it more the second time.
Overall FFtype0 has a good plot with nice cutscenes that are worth the effort :)
But you'll need a lot of patience ;)
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Rena Winter
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Gotta be imaginative to stay creative! - personal quote

"Having children makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist." Michael Levine

Kitty Chasing Butterfly

Hello, and welcome to my profile; my name is Rena Winter.
The main medium I use for art is watercolour paint; as I never really liked acrylic, despite it being easier to use. But I'm used to using watercolour, which is the main reason I use watercolour paint. I never done any digital-related art, except a bit of 3d modelling.
One of my goals is to improve on my art skills in drawing/watercolour paint, even though I may never reach my own expectations, I wish to be recognized for my artworks one day.

Aside from drawing I spend my time reading manga, watching anime, and playing video games. I also spend a lot of time daydreaming. A bad habit of mine is to stare blankly at a paper, picturing a good idea in my mind but never actually getting started.

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